URBANOLOGY: Community Class

Community class will be taught by some of the best choreographers in the dance industry and community. This class will take place bi-weekly, check out our schedule for who’s teaching this month.

re.DEFINE Company Class

Company class is a rotating weekly class taught by current members of re.DEFINE Collective. Open to all ages, these classes allow dancers the opportunity to learn different styles and perspectives from some of our talented Collective company members.

Open Sessions: Freestyle

Come to the studio and dance, express yourself and be a part of the session. This is studio time that is open to all styles, all ages, and all skill levels.

SOUL Sessions: Workshop

SOUL Sessions Workshop offers 2 different master choreographers on the same day. These choreographers will focus on teaching you a style that is filled with soul. Soul is not only defined by music but also in how it makes you feel regardless of the genre. This workshop will be held once every other month. Subscribe to our mailing list or check our calendar to receive more information on this workshop.

the LAB

the LAB is a 7 day summer urban dance intensive featuring leading community and industry choreographers. More details coming soon.