Kids Hip Hop 

Kids Hip Hop is geared towards children ages 5 - 12. In these classes, we explore basic music listening skills, body movement, and fun! We offer a safe space where they can explore a new activity while just enjoying being a kid. 

Teen Hip Hop

Teen Hip Hop caters to teens ages 13 - 17. In these classes we hope to build on teens’ interest in dance while providing them a place to grow among their peers. We offer Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced classes. 

Adult Hip Hop

Adult Hip Hop classes aim to help beginner dancers ages 17 and up. Dance is not only a creative art but also a great way to get active. In these classes we will focus getting each dancer comfortable with their body movements and fundamentals. 

Hip Hop I (Beginning)

Hip Hop I caters to dancers with 0 to 1 year of dance experience. These classes will focus on learning range of motion, basic rhythm, and fundamental techniques.  

Hip Hop II (Intermediate)

Hip Hop II (Int. Hip Hop) caters to dancers with 2 to 3 years of dance experience. Intermediate classes will focus on experimenting with new movements, growing understanding of musicality, and utilizing fundamental techniques. 

Hip Hop III (Advance)

Hip Hop III (Adv. Hip Hop) caters to dancers with 4 or more years of dance experience. Advanced classes will focus on performance, mastery of motion, and individual style. 

Fundamentals & Technique

Fundamentals and technique class will focus on learning the very basics of dance. In this class we will run drills and exercises that will provide each dancer with the basic tools needed to better understand urban dance. 

Intro to Choreography

Intro to Choreography offers just that, an introduction to learning and creating movement. In this class, our instructors will teach basic techniques that include learning one’s range of motion, retention, and musicality. 

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