Our adult program offers dance classes and workshops for teen and adult in Urban Dance.  Our focus in our adult program is to introduce and develop dancers’ body awareness, rhythm, and overall dance skill. We believe that with a little discipline, and a lot of fun we can help each student gain knowledge of urban dance, musicality, and gain overall confidence. We aim to provide a judgement free environment where people of all skill levels can grow their love for dance. 

Group Classes

We’ve created payment options to help each student take the amount of classes that they desire at the lowest rate possible. Choose from one of our payment options. If you have any questions regarding our payment options, please feel free to contact us.


Option 1: Drop-Ins

Drop-In Rate: $15     
Online Drop-In Rate: $14

Option 2: Monthly Tuition

1 Class/Week: $56/month, $14 per class
2 Class/Week: $96/month, $12 per class
3 Classes/Week: $130/month, $10 per class

*Not valid for Urbanology: Community Classes

Option 3: Class Cards

 5 Classes: $60, $12 per class
10 Classes: $110, $11 per class
15 Classes: $150, $10 per class

*Valid for 6 months.

*Not valid for Urbanology: Community Classes

re.DEFINE Dance Collective

re.DEFINE Collective is our adult urban dance company. Established in 2006 as a youth dance team, re.DEFINE has since evolved into an adult urban dance Collective. Our focus is to continue to create dancers that are not only passionate dancers, but well rounded individuals. 

Our goal is to maintain a high standard in training, knowledge of history, and sense of community. There’s the family that you’re born into, the family you create, and the family you audition for. 

Interested in joining our adult team, please email us at

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How to sign-up for dance classes: 

Step 1: Pick your classes.
Choose from a variety of dance classes offered weekly. 

Step 2: Choose a payment option.
We have drop-in rates, monthly tuition and class card options for parents and students. 

Step 3: Register using our online registration process. 
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